Conway FUMC Series

Lenten Devotionals

During the season of Lent, we are called into a time of repentance and self-reflection. We journey with Jesus to the cross for 40 days and 40 nights, beginning on Ash Wednesday. The 40-day period represents the time Jesus spent in the wilderness being tested by Satan and preparing for the beginning of his ministry. Often times we are invited to give something up, while at other times people choose to take on a Spiritual practice during Lent.

Our Lenten worship series is titled “3 Times.” This is an allusion to Peter's denial of Jesus and the resurrected Christ sharing his affirmation of love and inviting Peter to feed God's sheep - 3 times. Three times is also an allusion to making something a part of our lives. Three connotes a pattern. We believe that we have much to learn in our faith lives from both a reminder that God forgives us and loves us despite our finitude and shortfalls. But, also that our faith lives can always grow and expand when we commit to Christ in new and faithful ways.

We want to invite you to take on a spiritual practice during Lent. As a part of our worship series, we are inviting you to attend to your relationship with God 3 times a day, making it a pattern in your life. To help with this we invite you to use this church-wide daily devotional guide. Forty members of our congregation, including adults, C1 Youth, and MidYouth, have written a daily devotional which includes a prayer and a reflection question for you to ponder.

We invite you to return to this devotional 3 times a day. Each morning we invite you to read the scripture passage and devotional. At midday, we invite you to ponder ways you are being called to respond to the question the devotional has posed. And finally, in the evening, at the end of the day, we invite you to reflect on how the daily devotional impacted the way you followed, reflected, and served through your day. We hope this pattern of reading, responding, reflecting will expand and grow your faith life so that you might commit to Christ in new and faithful ways. We invite you to make this commitment to the rule of 3 during this season of Lent.

And may God's blessings be upon us all as we take this journey together.

Pastor Michael and Pastor Lauren
Open Series