Lenten Devotionals

Thursday, April 11th
Verse: Mark 2:1-12

Throughout this week you have been reading passages about the way that Jesus cares for and heals ind...

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Friday, April 12th
Verse: Luke 7:11-17

Long before Jesus gave Himself up for us, He showed us that He has power over death. In these verses...

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Saturday, April 13th
Verse: Luke 7:36-50

In this passage, we learn how Jesus loves and cares for a very sinful woman and Simon, a self-righte...

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Sunday, April 14th
Verse: Luke 19:28-40

Today is the Lord’s Day. Sundays are not included in the 40 days of Lent because Sundays are always...

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Monday, April 15th
Verse: Luke 22:39-46

In this scripture, we see Jesus in a time of great trial. His anguish is extreme and his strength is...

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Tuesday, April 16th
Verse: Luke 22:47-53

Judas guided the people to a place where they could easily arrest Jesus. One disciple resisted, but...

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