Lenten Devotionals

Monday, March 18th
Verse: Mark 8:31-38

Was there ever something you felt called to do, yet you failed to take action? Maybe the particular...

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Tuesday, March 19th
Verse: Mark 9:30-50

In today's society, being great is to be highly recognized or known, but in the book of Mark, Jesus...

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Wednesday, March 20th
Verse: Mark 10:35-45

James and John were likely Jesus' lifelong family friends. The sin of pride led them to feel entitle...

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Thursday, March 21st
Verse: John 7:14-31

In this passage, Jesus begins to teach at the temple during the festival. He continues to leave the...

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Friday, March 22nd
Verse: John 12:27-36

My father was a carpenter (just like Jesus!). Sometimes when he was working on repairing something o...

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Saturday, March 23rd
Verse: Philippians 2:1-11

Often referred to as the “Christ Hymn”, this piece of scripture allows humans a glimpse as to how we...

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